Travel Opportunities

McCallie students build with Habitat in Tanzania.

Every summer, boys travel abroad with the school's Habitat for Humanity chapter, which was the nation's first based at a high school. The photo shows boys in Tanzania.

McCallie students in Mongolia

In Mongolia, students have the opportunity to learn about local culture while supporting local housing efforts with Habitat for Humanity.

McCallie students in the Bahamas

Students get an up-close look at marine biology and oceanography on a summer trip to the Bahamas.

McCallie student at the Taj Mahal

McCallie men took part in a mission and education trip to India in support of a charity founded by the family of a current student. 

McCallie student in China

Students on the annual summer trip to China have the chance to travel extensively throughout the country and expand their horizons and understanding of the world's largest nation.

For boys to be truly ready for the world, they need to experience the world.

In addition to the array of trips offered as part of the Weekend Activities program, McCallie offers a wide variety of trips both around the country and around the world throughout the year and during school breaks. These range from intense outdoor excursions to service learning and mission trips to traditional study abroad immersion opportunities. 

The trips range in from days to weeks, and are chaperoned by McCallie faculty with an interest in and expertise in the topic area of the trip. All are designed to provide boys with experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 

Upcoming McCallie-Sponsored Trips


Habitat for Humanity trip to Giliwice, Poland
Dates: March 20 – March 31, 2019
Cost: $3,970
Chaperones: Sumner McCallie, Josh Deitrick, Stuart King
Students will travel to Giliwice, Poland to help families as the country continues to face severe housing shortages. They will assist in construction of new, affordable housing and much–needed renovations, demolition work, installing insulation, plastering and/or painting walls. They will also have time to explore the area.  


Exchange Program in Dusseldorf, Germany
Dates: June, 2019
Cost: around $3,000
Chaperones: Paul Cudd and a GPS Chaperone

Students from McCallie and GPS will travel to Dusseldorf to participate in an exchange program
with students at the Suitbertus Schule. They will stay with host families while attending classes
and experiencing the sites and culture of Germany.