McCallie is an All-Boys Private Boarding School and Day School, a Christian-based College Prep School. 
McCallie seeks out and accepts boys from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and places a high value on a diverse student body.

Travel Opportunities

McCallie students build with Habitat in Tanzania.

Every summer, boys travel abroad with the school's Habitat for Humanity chapter, which was the nation's first based at a high school. The photo shows boys in Tanzania.

McCallie students in Mongolia

In Mongolia, students have the opportunity to learn about local culture while supporting local housing efforts with Habitat for Humanity.

McCallie students in the Bahamas

Students get an up-close look at marine biology and oceanography on a summer trip to the Bahamas.

McCallie student at the Taj Mahal

McCallie men took part in a mission and education trip to India in support of a charity founded by the family of a current student. 

McCallie student in China

Students on the annual summer trip to China have the chance to travel extensively throughout the country and expand their horizons and understanding of the world's largest nation.

For boys to be truly ready for the world, they need to experience the world.

In addition to the array of trips offered as part of the Weekend Activities program, McCallie offers a wide variety of trips both around the country and around the world throughout the year and during school breaks. These range from intense outdoor excursions to service learning and mission trips to traditional study abroad immersion opportunities. 

The trips range in from days to weeks, and are chaperoned by McCallie faculty with an interest in and expertise in the topic area of the trip. All are designed to provide boys with experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 

McCallie-Sponsored Trips for 2019-20


Spring Break 2020 

Habitat for Humanity Trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dates: April 1 - 12, 2020
Chaperones: Stuart King, Sumner McCallie
Cost: $4150

The group will join with Habitat-Argentina in the main affiliate in Buenos Aires, building new homes and renovating older spaces. Working alongside family homeowners will provide an insight into the people far deeper than that gained by a typical tourist. We'll spend free time exploring the city and experiencing the culture of this richly varied country.

Summer 2020

Mission, Service and Fun in Costa Rica
Dates:  May 28 – June 6, 2020
Chaperones:  Chris Cushenbery, Joel Bradford, Moises Drummond
Cost:  $2875
Students will hike the Cloud Forest by the Poas and La Paz Waterfall Gardens to experience the vast biodiversity of the country. They will visit La Fortuna Waterfall to zip line and soak in the biggest hot springs in the world. They will perform service projects at the Tiera de Zaguates, a non-profit organization that works with local animals; participate in team building activities such as rafting, service and mission work with a church in Sarapiqui; and work with the World Wildlife Fund Sea Turtle Rescue Program helping newborn turtles to get safely to the ocean. Student will travel to the Arenal Volcano area to watch a pro soccer game and practice with a local team. They will also participate in soccer training in the evenings, compete against the Costa Rica U-17 National Team and the Pacific Region U-17 National Team. They will also have the opportunity to learn to surf while on the North Pacific coast.

Exchange Program in Düsseldorf, Germany
Dates:  May 29 – June 12, 2020
Cost:  $2700
Chaperones:  Paul Cudd, Cary Hubbard, Susan McCarter (GPS)
Students will travel to Düsseldorf, Germany, to participate in a cultural exchange program.  They will stay with host families while attending classes and experience what it is like to live in Germany on a day-to-day basis.

Cultural/Religions Service Trip to Cairo, Egypt
Dates:  June 1-12, 2020
Chaperones:  Josh and Amy Deitrick
Cost:  $4200
This trip is meant to expose students to the cultural aspects of Egypt by exploring the history of Christianity and Islam in the country.  They will also get to see the historical and traditional sights of this ancient culture.  The trip will include tours of the pyramids, a boat ride on the Nile, visiting Old Egypt, Mount Sinai and the Sankar Monastery as well as numerous churches and mosques.  The historical and educational tours will finish with a service project that works on providing clean water to needy communities.

Service and Educational Trip to Colombia
June 6 – 20, 2020
Chaperones:  Luis Rodriguez and Jesse Teague
Cost:  $2800
Students will stay with host families while they work on service projects such as repairing roofs, walkways, and perform beach/forest cleanup.  They will also tour several cities and museums, take a primitive canoe river tour and surf with the Arusi community, explore the Natural Reserve El Amargal and National Park Utria.  This trip is coordinated with PCT Colombia

Snorkeling in Bermuda
June 15-20 or 22-27, 2020
Chaperones: Leo and Dorey Procise,  Ashley Cole
Cost $2360

This trip is coordinated with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. Students will snorkel around many of the reef ecosystems, monitor air, water, and land conditions. They will learn how the early American settlers and the civil war influenced the history and development of Bermuda. 

Other Summer Travel Program Resources:

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Twenty Summer Pre-College Arts Programs for High School Students

Search for Pre-College Programs:

There is a terrific free, non-advertising website that lists hundreds of programs:

Below are options McCallie faculty and staff have come across that students have explored in the past. Please note that many programs have a financial aid option. Visit the web site of the program for details regarding financial aid.


Birmingham Southern: Entrepreneurship Camp
Program: Participants will work in teams to create a original business plan and then present it to experts.
Who May Apply: rising juniors and seniors
Dates: June 12-17
Cost:  $750

Boston University: Investigative Journalism Workshop
Program: Students will join news teams and participate in real journalism throughout the Boston area. Program will include instruction on interviewing, following leads, writing, and formatting stories. 
Who May Apply: High School Students
Dates: One, Two and Three weeek sessions
Cost:  Varies per session

Columbia University's Summer Program
Program: Summer Program for High School Students; Barcelona Experience; Jordan: Understanding the Arab World.
Who May Apply: High School
Dates: 2 session June, July; July for Barcelona/Jordan
Cost: $5,000; $10,000

Duke Summer Academy
Program: Courses focused on the meaning of being a global citizen. They describe it as "interactive assignments designed to build critical skills essential to preparing for the world beyond high school."
Who May Apply: Current sophomores and juniors
Dates: July 11-31
Cost: $5,600

Emory University Pre-College Program
Program: Credit and non-credit courses. Courses from various departments: Middle Eastern Studies, Computer Science, History, Education, Philosophy, Biology, etc
Who May Apply: Current sophomores and juniors
Dates: Varies depending on program. Non-credit courses are 2 weeks. Credit courses are 6 weeks.
Cost: $2500 for non-credit courses; $9500 for credit courses, boarding (4 credits).

Furman Summer Scholars
Program: Furman University offers a wide array of week long summer programs, including programs in: graphic design, video for the web, theater, creative writing, leadership, mock trial, psychology, wellness, ecology and foreign language. All classes are taught on the University campus. 
Who May Apply: Current sophomores and juniors (Classes of 2009 and 2010) 
Dates: July
Cost: Around $1,000 

George Washington University Pre-College Program
Program: 3 and 6 week sessions that focus on a specific course of study in a wide range of disciplines. Plenty of off-campus study using the capital as the 'playground.'
Who May Apply: High School students
Dates: late may- June, July
Cost: varies depending on length of program.

Harvard Summer School
Program: Students take a variety of courses taught by Harvard faculty. Students can live on campus, commute, or do this on-line.
Dates: Seven weeks. Check website as changes each year
Cost: Very pricey. $10,000 or so depending on number of classes taken. 

Haslam College of Business at University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Program: Two Summer sessions designed to introduce under-represented high school juniors to careers in business.
Who May Apply: Juniors who are under-represented students with a 3.0 GPA
Dates: June 14 - 24th and July 15 - 19th
Costs: $20 seat reservation - All other fees covered including tuition, room, meals, books and supplies.
Website:  or

Honor College University of Missouri, Columbia
Program: Cherng Global Leadership Academy - provides a series of activities, programs, workshops and projects that enhance leadership traits and skills while connecting them with a leadership network.
Who May Apply: Upcoming 9th - 12th Grades
Dates: July 15th through July 24th  - Deadline to apply is June 1st
Costs: $400 (Includes housing, meals and program)

Johns Hopkins Engineering Innovation  
Program: 4 week hands-on projects and challenges
Who May Apply: Current sophomores and juniors
Dates: July
Cost: $5,500

Michigan State University Summer Engineering Program
Program: Provides hands-on, in-depth introduction to engineering. Lectures, demonstrations, team based problem solving, experiments in research labs.
Who May Apply: Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors.
Dates: Several 4-day sessions
Cost: $800

Naval Science and Engineering Apprentice Program
Program: Provides hands-on, in-depth internships in research labs.
Who May Apply: Any high school student with strong science background
Dates: 8 week internship
Cost: Students get a $3,300 stipend

New York University Film Academy
Program: The New York Film Academy is an intensive hands-on immersion designed for students interested in filmmaking, acting, or animation experience. 
Who May Apply: High School students ages 14-17
Cost: Varies with program, about $1,500 per week
Dates: Varies with program(workshops vary from one to six weeks in length)

Notre Dame Pre-College Experience
Program: Summer Scholars Program: Acting for Stage and Screen, Entrepreneurship, Film, Life Sciences, Policy Debate and Public Speaking, Pre-Law, Pre-Med, Psychology, Research Computing, Voice:Opera and Song; Notre Dame Leadership Seminars
Who May Apply: Current juniors
Dates: Scholars Program-June 23- July 7; Leadership Seminars-July 14-July 25
Cost: Scholars Program-$3,500; Leadership Seminars-paid for by the University

Oxbow Summer Art Program
Program: In-depth exposure to a number of media. Focus on creativity and expression. Lots of studio time. 
Who May Apply: 14-16 year olds
Dates: 2 two week sessions in July
Cost: $3,200

Oxbridge Academic Programs
Program: Over 200 different courses at Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, Barcelona, and New York--some of the most interesting course offerings available. Language immersion in Barcelona and Paris.  They have a variety of humanities, sciences, social sciences, professional and creative subjects.
Who May Apply: Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors.
Dates: Depends on location. 
Cost: $2,800 to 8,750 depending on program

Samford University Bulldog Pharmacy Camp
Program: This is a one week Pharmacy Camp this summer for high school students that are interested in investigating a career as a Pharmacist.  The students will experience hands on learning about health careers in pharmacy, participate in tours of local health care facilities and local pharmacies, participate in compounding activities and hands on demonstrations.
Who: Rising Juniors through college freshmen
Dates: July 5 - 30
Cost: $ 550 which includes overnight accommodations for five nights, meals and camp activities

Savannah College of Art and Design Summer Program
Program: SCAD Summer Seminars include: Animation, Architectural Sketching, digital Photography, Furniture Design, Illustration, Metals and Jewelry, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, cartoons and Comics, Television Production, Video
Who may apply: Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors.
Dates: Week-long sessions. Varying dates depending on focus. 
Cost: Around $1,200

Sewanee Bridge Program
Program: Boarding, math and science study program. Studies fractals, astronomy, intro to calculus. Meant for guys who might consider applying to Sewanee.
Who May Apply: High School juniors
Dates: June 21- July 11
Cost: Free

Sewanee Environmental Institute
Program: Outdoor field study with GIS. GPS using Sewanne's 14000 acre campus. 2 week boarding. 
Who May Apply: Rising high school juniors and seniors
Dates: June 26-July 9, 2016
Cost: $ 1,750

Skidmore Pre-College Program in Liberal and Studio Art
Program: Students take 2 courses. Courses include: Chemistry, Economics, Philosophy and Religion, Physics, Literature and Composition, Ceramics, Digital Filmmaking, Drawing, Printmaking, Silkscreening.
Who may apply: Current sophomores and juniors.
Dates: July
Cost: Room and Board-About $2,200 + $700 per credit

SMU Lyle Engineering Summer Camp
Program: A week long residential program with SM professors focused on project-based design engineering.
Who May Apply: 11th and 12th
Dates: 2 4-day sessions in June
Cost: $975

Summer Discovery
Program: 12 Campuses in 5 Countries with over 300 Courses and Internships in 5 Cities. Programs include: language immersion in Spain, Introduction to Medicine at Georgetown University and University of Michigan, Business Institutes at Emerson College, Intensive Screenwriting at UCLA.
Who May Apply: Age varies by program.
Dates: 3-6 week programs
Cost: About $1,200 per week for stateside; $2,000 per week for overseas

Summer Study Programs
Program: Summer programs available at Penn State, University of Colorado, The Sorbonne (Paris)
Who May Apply: Enrichment and Workshops-current freshmen, sophomores and juniors. College Credit Courses-current sophomores and juniors. 
Dates: 2-6 week programs
Cost: Typically about $1,100 per week

Syracuse University Summer College
Program: 2, 4 and 6 week programs of study based on strong academic courses in a variety of disciplines. Real college experience. 
Who May Apply: High school students
Dates: month of July
Cost: depends on length

Tickle College of Engineering / Univ. of Tenn at Knoxville
Program: One Week, residential program 
Who May Apply: Rising tenth and twelfth grade students
Dates: eVOL10 - July 14-19 and HiTES12 - July 7-12th
Cost: $75 application fee and travel expenses only
Transylvania College: National Student Congress
Program: give students the opportunity to meet with lawmakers, academics, journalists, and civic leaders to discuss the practical importance of compromise, constructive engagement, and dialogue to resolve conflict and competing interests in a democracy. 
Dates: Second week in June
Cost: Free (application required)

University of Pennsylvania Summer Academy in Applied Science
Program: Participants take academic courses in nanotechnology, biotech, and computer science
Dates: July 7-27
Cost: $6,800

University of Southern California Summer Program
Program: Students have the option of taking 2 or 4 week courses, some for college credit. Courses are offered in: Architecture, Business, Engineering, Global Studies, Journalism, Performing Arts, Pre-Health, Pre-Law and Writing
Who May Apply: Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors
Dates:  July
Cost: 4 week courses-$5,400; 2 week courses-$2,753

University of Tennessee Veterinary Medicine Summer Experience
Program: Work in a veterinary practice in your hometown for 6 weeks and spend 1 week at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine attending lectures, labs and clinical rotations.
Who May Apply: Current juniors and seniors.
Dates: June -July 
Cost: No cost to students participating in this program. Typically a stipend is paid to student at $7.25/hour (40 hours/week)
Application Deadline: All applications must be submitted electronically by March 5.

Vanderbilt Summer Academy
Program: Sessions offered for grades 9-10 include: Nanotechnology and Engineering, Short Story Writing, Astronomy, Math & Music, structural engineering, Anthropology, Geometry and Digital Filmmaking. Sessions offered for grades 11-12 include: Mystery Writing, Special Topics in Math, Med School 101, Pharmacology, American Legal System, Biomedical Engineering, Number Theory, Filmmaking
Who May Apply: Freshmen SAT scores 590 in either Math or Critical Reading/ ACT scores of 25 in Math or Reading; Sophomores SAT scores of 630 in Math or Critical Reading/ACT scores of 27 in Math or Reading; Juniors SAT scores of 670 in Math or Critical Reading/ACT scores of 29 in Math or Reading. 
Dates: 2-week session for current freshmen; 3-week session for current sophomores and juniors
Application Deadline: March 30
Cost: Session 2 week-$2,250; Session 3 week-$3,250

Washington University Summer Experience
Program: College Scholars Program--earn college credit. Summer Institutes in Premed, Photojournalism, Writing
Who May Apply: Current sophomores and juniors
Dates: Vary depending on program. (5 and 8 week sessions)
Cost: Vary depending on program. Between $8,000-$10,000
Wesleyan University Summer Intense Summer Session
Program: Precollege Study --earn college credit.  Summer sessions with intense focus on Biology, Chemistry and Writing
Who May Apply: Rising Juniors and Seniors
Dates: June and July (5 week sessions)
Cost: $3,260 per credit

William and Mary: National Institute of American History and Democracy
Program: Students earn 4 hours of college credit in Early American History. Classes are conducted "on site" at the historic places in Virginia. Special talks and performances by interpreters, behind-the-scenes tours with curators and archaeologists, and conversations with historians are also part of the program.
Who may apply: Rising Juniors and Seniors.
Dates: Session 1: June 25-July 15; Session 2: July 16-August 5
Cost: $4,150. Limited financial aid available.

Worchester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Frontiers 
Program: Courses in science, technology, engineering, and math. Use current lab techniques. Huge range of studies. 
Who may apply: Rising juniors/seniors
Dates: 2 two week sessions in July 
Cost: $2,795
Yale Young Global Scholars Program
Program: Seven Unique interdisiplinary sessions, Applied Science and Engineering,  International Affairs, Science and Technology, Biological and Biomedical Science
Who may apply: Rising Juniors and Seniors
Dates: two week sessions June and July
Cost: $6,000 (Need-based scholarships are available)

Academic: Language

Beloit Summer Intensive Language Program
Program: Beloit offers intensive immersion programs in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and English as a Second Language.
Dates: 3.5 week programs and 7 week programs
Cost: Varies depending on program. Some scholarships are available.

Chattanooga Language Institute
Program: Intensive immersion camps for middle and high school students. 9:30am-Noon, Monday-Friday.
Dates:  Spanish Intensive Camp: June 13-17, French Intensive Camp: July -25 - 29, German Intensive Camp: July 18-22
Cost: Varies with program. $30 hour

Concordia Summer Language Villages
Program: Concordia offers language immersion programs for one, two, or four weeks. They also have 4 week credit courses in a variety of languages including Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
Dates: 1,2 ,3 ad 4 week programs
Cost: Varies with program. Typically about $1,000 per week.

National Security Language Institute
Program: 6-8 week homestays, language study in fascinating places; run by US State Department
Dates: 6-8 week programs (Note: Application is a full year in advance)
Cost: Free! (Small cost for getting passport, etc, but program covers travel, homestay, etc)

Rassias Summer Language Programs
Program: Language immersion programs in Spain.
Dates: 4-week programs
Cost: About $7,800

SPI Study Abroad Summer Language Programs
Program: Language immersion programs in Costa Rica, Spain, France, Italy, and China. Includes classtime and homestays. Extensive cultural activities.
Dates: 1, 2, and 4-week programs
Cost: Starting at $895 - $6,995

International Travel/ Service Focus

Loop Abroad
Program: Students spend 2-4 weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand learning about the culture through travel and also learning about elephant ecology by working at an Elephant Park. Small groups managed by expert naturalists and zoologists make the work come alive. 
Who May Apply: varies by program
Dates: two week programs -July
Cost: $3,850

People to People Ambassadors Program
Program: Students travel in small groups for 2-3 weeks to over 90 different potential locations. Programs experience the local country and people through a variety of activities.
Who May Apply: Any age from juniors high to high school
Dates: Varies by program
Cost: $4,000- $8,000; scholarships are available

Visions: Service Adventures
Program: Multi-year programs in communities around the world. Typically work is building, but can also be running service camps and summer camps for youth. There is a lot of cultural exposure and group dynamic processing. Some are Spanish immersion.
Who May Apply:  High school students
Dates:  Depends on the program, but typically last for about three weeks
Cost: Varies depending on length and location

Where There Be Dragons
Program: International travel programs, including home stays, rugged travel, trekking and wilderness exploration, service learning, survey of developing issues, language study. Each course has a focus of inquiry, and course leaders present lessons and lead discussions to introduce the topics. Programs are available in China, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Nepal, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, and Jordan.
Who May Apply: Varies by program.
Dates: Trips are from 2-6 weeks in length.
Cost: Varies per trip and location

Outdoor Experiences

Bold and Gold 
Program: Outdoor educational program of the YMCA to develop leadership skills through cross-cultural wilderness experiences, backpacking, paddling, leadership training and the Appalachian Trail Challenge.
Who May Apply: Ages 12 - 14
Dates: Varies by Program June and July
Costs:  $400/$500/$600 - Scholarships Available as well as Financial Assistance for reduced costs.

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)
Program: Hiking, Climbing, Mountaineering, Kayaking trips. Mainly out west. Confidence building by direct skills development.
Who May Apply: Age 14 and older
Dates: Vary depending on trip.
Cost: Vary depending on trip.

Outward Bound (OB)
Program:  Hiking, Climbing, Mountaineering, Kayaking trips. Mainly in eastern US.  Confidence building by group and personal challenges.
Who May Apply: Age 14 and older
Dates: Vary depending on program.
Cost: Vary depending on program.

Program: Hiking. Internal growth by group and personal challenge outdoors. 
Who May Apply: Age 14 and older
Dates: Vary depending on program.
Cost: Vary depending on program.

Youth Conservation Corps
Program:  The YCC is a program of the Southeast Youth Corps’s (SYC) Chattanooga office.  SYC is a non-profit conservation corps that employs and trains young people in programs across the Southeast.  YCC hires local young adults, ages 16-18, to complete conservation work projects on a variety of public lands. YCC has a strong environmental education component, and life skills are learned via formal lessons, on-the-job training and the process of communal togetherness.  Corpsmember work on projects for up to 8 hours a day, education and training is completed throughout the day and at special sessions throughout the summer.  YCC serves a diverse population which includes at-risk youth, currently enrolled high-school students, and a cross-section of ethnicities and income levels. 
Who: Ages 16-18
Dates: Throughout summer. This is a paid job.
Cost: Basic clothing/supplies related to job

Spoleto  Study Abroad
Program: This is an Arts and Humanities immersion program for high school students interested in visual arts, photography, creative writing, instrumental music, vocal music, drama and film making. This program offers students the opportunity to explore the rich culture and artistic heritage of central Italy. Courses and in-depth studio work will foster each student's capacity to grow artistically, academically, and personally.  Students will participate in twice weekly day trips to cities in Umbria and Tuscany; and through living in an authentic Italian town filled with art and history.
Who: Ages 15 - 19
Dates: July 5 - 30st
Costs: $6,550

Stanford University’s CyberMath Academy
Program: Students will be able to choose from a variety of options which include College Prep (SAT and College Counseling and Application Planning), Math, Coding, Robotics, Game Design and Physics.
Who may apply: Anyone
Dates: July 15-27
Cost: $4,450 for boarding and tuition