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  • Attend MOMM (Mothers of McCallie Men) and TRUE-BLUE Dad events
  • Support one another through Moms In Touch, McCallie Parent Prayer Community, and Parent News and Updates
  • Contact, engage and support our McCallie Community members in your sphere of influence
  • Offer to host our International students during school closings
  • Offer to host a community building event in your home or place of business.
Support McCallie Arts and Athletic Organizations
  • Attend tailgates and games
  • Build spirit and cheer on our Blue Tornado to victory. Within your ability, support middle and upper school teams, both home and away, as often as you can
  • Work concessions -- this service supports our players and their families
  • Attend concerts, plays and musicals -- Be prepared to be amazed!
  • Serve the Arts! Help with a reception, host a cast party, volunteer at the ticket desk, decorate for a special event or help with costumes and sets.
Support The Honor Fund
  • Give. Your participation is crucial. Within your ability, make a gift that is right for you and be counted in the participation that makes an M-PACT on McCallie School athletics, arts, financial aid, and teacher salaries
  • Participate in Development events. Encourage those in your son’s class to “get on board” and support our teachers and the young men of McCallie School
  • Offer to host a Development event in your home or place of business.
  • Donate to Nearly New Shop - Our own re-sale shop to benefit the Honor Fund.
Support McCallie Admissions
  • Refer a boy from your sphere of influence
  • Volunteer to write notes, make phone calls or greet at Admission events
  • Offer to host an Admission Event in your home or place of business
  • Refer a boy for a summer camp
  • Offer to host a Summer Camp Event in your home or place of business.
BE TRUE-BLUE IN WHATEVER WAYS YOU CAN. Parent Volunteers help keep McCallie STRONG...for the boys!


What Boarding Mothers of McCallie Men (MOMMs) Want YOU To Know
Boarding MOMMs of today and years gone by have volunteered to share their best advice for those considering boarding their son at McCallie School.

When my son first arrived, he called me every time something (challenging) happened.  Now, he seeks the opinion of Dr. Richey or Mr. Wallin first, and that's usually after he's tried to handle the situation himself.  I feel so appreciative that his circle of support has gotten larger.  So to other mothers, I would say that building relationships of trust and learning to ask for help from people other than parents are tremendous gifts that build confidence, security, and resiliency. 

Dr. Jennifer Pettit
Franklin, TN

ONE of the most difficult things about a boarding school experience as a freshman is the communication between your son and yourself. They are surrounded by other boys who may or may not call home frequently. On the one hand, they are trying to get their first glimpse of independence, on the other hand, they are lost. They may be embarrassed to talk about some things, and not even know how to explain other things that are happening. They are used to being able to sit down at dinner with you, and perhaps not even have to say a word, but you know what kind of day they had by looking at them. You know how their studies are going, how their sporting events are taking a toll, or if they have a problem with a teacher or a friend is going through something, because you are accustomed to seeing them on a daily basis. You know their friends, their friends’ parents, their friends’ siblings and their teachers. ALL THIS CHANGES. Not just for you, but for them. My best advice to you:  Get to know their "new friends'" parents. At move in day, get an idea of who is across the hall, who is next door, who is on the same floor, who is their roommate. MEET their parents. GET their phone numbers, their emails and their addresses. TALK TO THEM. Sometimes you may feel like you are the only one who is going through something with your son, but if you talk to other parents, you will realize you are all in the same boat. As you do talk to your son, he will mention someone's name...Pay attention. Get to know who his friends are. We would check the hall’s bulletin board and write down everyone's name/roommate and room number. The phone calls and emails back and forth became a common occurrence and a blessing to us all.
Returning to school after his 1st Christmas, I remember seeing my son and his roommate knocking each other down laughing because they were so glad to see each other. Brought tears to my eyes…good tears.
Ultimately, I have some of the best friends I have ever made from "MY YEARS" at McCallie.
Lisa Flautt (Chad ’13)
Webb, MS

I wish I had another son to send to McCallie!
Margaret Ellen Jackson (Boyd ’09)
Athens, AL

My best piece of advice is don’t look at his room after that day you moved him in!  Also, it is so good for his personal growth to let him figure things out at McCallie.  Let him fid the resources available to him on campus.  People often ask “Don’t you miss him?”  Yes, you will miss your son but you will really enjoy the quality time you have with him seeing the young man he will become.  He will have the opportunity for deeper friendships and a path to maturity that he might not have taken as early back at home. 
McCallie has been the village that helped build my boys to men.
Katie Lane (Teddy ’17 and Turner ’15)
Knoxville, TN

My advice to you is to prepare yourself for when you return to your house after that initial drop off.  Up until that time you are busy with getting your son ready so have some items, events, something lined up those first few weeks because you don’t want to be constantly calling or texting him and asking him how it is going. 
Set a schedule to text and talk.  I do a nightly text before bedtime check in and a Sunday Skype call.
Get him a mattress topper!
When you go into Chattanooga, if you have the ability, invite some of your sons’ friends out to dinner.  You will get a wonderful insight into his world.
Do NOT over-pack.  He needs enough clothes for about 9 days.  It’s enough, really!
Finally, this is a variation on a quote by Jen Hatmaker; McCallie helps prepare my son for the path, not the path for the son.
Tammy Belisle (Joey ’16 & Joshua ’19)
Austin, TX

More soon!  GO BLUE!!

Faculty Appreciation Committee

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Nearly New FAQ

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • What is Nearly New?

    Nearly New is McCallie’s resale shop established to support the McCallie neighborhood as well as our own McCallie families. 
  • Why should I donate items?

    Proceeds go to the McCallie Annual Sustaining Fund to support financial aid and teacher salaries.   
  • What items are needed most?

    Nearly New needs to maintain a strong supply of McCallie dress code items (button-down shirts, ties, khakis, Friday Shirts and blazers in good condition and on hangers), athletic clothing and athletic gear.  Nearly New also accepts clothing for men, women and children (in good condition and on hangers) and household items in good condition.
  • How do I donate items?

    Bring your donations to school the one advertised Wednesday morning of EACH month during school drop off.  Collection points are 1) behind the middle school or 2) at the Nearly New Shop.  You may also drop off your donations any school day during school hours at the Middle School Office.  ALWAYS BE SURE TO put your name with your donation if you wish to receive a receipt.  Boarding families can bring donations when you in town for drop off/pick up and Parent Weekend!  For more information please contact Carrie Eaves at
  • Where is Nearly New?  

    Nearly New is located across Dodds Avenue from McCallie’s varsity soccer field on the corner of Dodds and Chamberlain Avenue.
  • Can I donate other than once a month?

    YES!! The Middle School Office is happy to receive and hold your donations for a Nearly New Volunteer to pick up any school day during school hours.  For more informaiton please contact Carrie Eaves at
  • Is my donation tax deductible?  

    Yes.  Be sure to request a “Gift In Kind” receipt when you donate.
  • Nearly New Schedule 2016-17

    Sale Dates for 2016
    Aug 13
    Sept 23,24
    Oct 21,22
    Nov 11,12
    Dec 2,3
    Sale Dates for 2017
    Jan 13,14,
    Feb 10,11
    Mar 3,4
    May 5,6
    Donation/Work Dates for 2016
    Aug 10
    Sept 21
    Oct 19
    Nov 9
    Nov 30

    Donation/Work Dates for 2017
    Jan 11
    Feb 8
    Mar 1
    May 3
    Jun 9

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