Upper School

The Library

The Upper School Library Program provides a variety of print and digital resources to support faculty and students. Our collection includes over 5,000 fiction and nonfiction electronic books, online databases, and a collection of print and audiobooks, as well as DVDs, all accessible at home through our online catalog and via the Library’s homepage. Our collection is continually updated to reflect the goals and content coverage of the McCallie curriculum.

The mission of the Upper School Library is to provide the highest quality resources for research, reference work, and reading. The Library provides print and non-print materials to meet the needs of both students and faculty in the areas of general information, research, and the enjoyment and enrichment of leisure time. The Librarian coordinates with faculty to help with classroom and one on one instruction in the use of resources, especially those of a digital nature.

The Learning Center

The McCallie Learning Center intends to be a place where students can come to get assistance with any curricular matter within the whole range of courses offered at McCallie. The help may be focused on specific content (genetics, calculus, Egyptian civilization) or more broadly on study skills: reading for the main idea, taking effective notes, reviewing for a multiple choice or essay test, or memorizing foreign language vocabulary. We are at our best when a student walks in with a question, and leaves with an understanding of what he was doing, how he was doing it, and what he might do the next time he encounters a similar challenge.

At McCallie, there is no stigma in asking for help. We have students using the resources in the Learning Center to support them with courses from beginning Math 1 and Ancient History to AP Physics and AP Calculus. We will meet each student wherever he is, and attempt to help him move to the next appropriate learning level.

We stay in close contact with teachers, letting them know of the difficulties that a class or an individual student may be having, and supporting them in finding ways that can overcome these challenges. There is significant exchange of teaching ideas and techniques between the Learning Center staff and teachers. Such contact helps provide for individual attention and accountability. We also provide teacher support for make-up work when a student has been absent; for instance, we are a venue where students can take missed quizzes or tests.

We recognize there are times when a student may need more help than just an intermittent drop-in will allow. To that end, we have a terrific network of tutors in all subjects and can make arrangements for students to hire an appropriate tutor on a regular basis. These sessions occur in the Learning Center, typically during a free period or in the early evening.
Some students may have additional education testing which we can interpret and use to help him with his studies. The specific accommodations we support are listed in Appendix C of our student handbook.

We know many students want to spend extra time preparing for some of the national standardized tests. In addition to coordinating PSAT prep sessions for interested juniors, we also maintain a subscription to an SAT test prep program that has been very useful to past students. We can arrange tutors specific to test prep as desired.

The Learning Center intends to be a friendly atmosphere that balances focused learning with a more relaxed interchange of ideas and daily experiences. It is not a "library quiet" place, but we do expect the students to spend their time with us being productive. We encourage, even count on, students engaging with us to help them find academic success.

Caldwell Writing Center

A supportive environment for students and faculty where there is a reverence for writing

Located in Room 316 of the Academic Building, The Caldwell Writing Center is a supportive environment for both students and faculty where there is a reverence for writing. Based on the foundations of Writing Across the Curriculum, we work with both students and faculty to improve writing, thinking and learning.

Hours of Operation

The Caldwell Writing Center is open during the academic year each school day from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and other times by appointment.

For information or to set up a conference, please call us at (423) 493-5849. You can also email Mr. LeSourd.
McCallie challenges students to achieve at their highest levels, in individually-tailored courses of study. We meet with new students and their parents at orientation and map out a multi-year plan for each student. Our teaching style is active and hands-on, geared to the ways in which boys learn best. A typical class size is 14 students. McCallie has a nationally-recognized faculty, with more than two-thirds holding advanced degrees. Our teachers are dedicated and experienced: almost half have taught at McCallie for 15 or more years.

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McCallie School

McCallie is an All-Boys Private Boarding School and Day School, a Christian-based College Prep School.
McCallie seeks out and accepts boys from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and places a high value on a diverse student body. 

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