Planning for Our Future

Planning for Our Future

Strategic focus on the education and development of boys remains a focal point of McCallie year in and year out. That focus is grounded in our mission and core values, rooted in our history and traditions, and informed by a careful consideration of today's diverse and dynamic world in which McCallie boys live and lead.

The Board of Trustees, which carefully stewards the school's long-term vision and strategy, has conducted a comprehensive strategic planning process that included input from all of McCallie's key constituent groups: faculty, students, alumni, parents, trustees and other friends who are interested in impacting our future for generations to come. This inclusive and broad strategic planning process, our first one along these lines in about 20 years, gathered the collective aspirations and ideas of the entire McCallie community.
In all, over 2000 individuals participated directly in the process. The plan was enthusiastically and unanimously adopted by the Board of Trustees on April 22, 2016. Here is what will not change for McCallie School:

Enduring Foundational Commitments
  • To our identity as an independent, college preparatory school serving only boys.
  • To serving both day and boarding students with vibrant programming.
  • To our Christian foundation and principles and our Judeo-Christian heritage and tradition, while being welcoming to and respectful of boys and families of other faith traditions.
  • To character development and to the ideals of Honor, Truth, and Duty.

The full plan focuses on six Strategic Imperatives:
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Faculty Talent and Development
  • Program Excellence
  • Enrollment, Student Talent and Community
  • Public Purpose
  • Financial Sustainability and Affordability

Communication of the full plan is scheduled for the entire McCallie community by the end of summer 2017.

A Note About the Strategic Imperatives
These strategic imperatives provide general direction for McCallie for the upcoming years, though the plan allows for some flexibility in terms of how and when to implement the tactics. The school and Board of Trustees recognize that securing the necessary resources will also shape the implementation and timing of the plan. Finally, the school recognizes that, in a dynamic world, we must maintain a strategic posture and ability to adapt.

The Strategic Planning Committee

N. Carter Newbold ’84, Chair 

J. Hal Daughdrill ’73
(Current Board of Trustees Chair)
S. Elliott Davenport ’78,
(Past Board of Trustees Chair)

Barry P. Large ’96
Michael I. Lebovitz ’83
Edward G. Michaels ’60
R. Kincaid Mills ’88
David A. Stonecipher ’59
Timothy A. Stump ’75

A. Lee Burns ’87
Kenneth A. Sholl
Marcus Rafiee ’80

McCallie School

McCallie is an All-Boys Private Boarding School and Day School, a Christian-based College Prep School.
McCallie seeks out and accepts boys from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and places a high value on a diverse student body. 

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