Andover student awards scholarship to new McCallie boarding student

Incoming freshman Bob Moore from Louisville earns $1,000 from author of The Boarding School Survival Guide
Bob Moore is still a couple of weeks away from beginning his McCallie School experience, but the incoming freshman from Louisville, Ky., is already earning scholarship money for himself and recognition for his new school.

Moore is one of two students selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship awarded by Phillips Academy Andover student Justin Muchnick, author of The Boarding School Survival Guide.

Muchnick, who will be a senior at Andover this year, chose Moore and incoming St. Andrews (DE) School student Elise Hogan to receive the scholarships to help offset some of the costs of attending boarding school.

“Not only is boarding school tuition comparable to attending a private college, but factor in travel expenses, hotels, car rentals, books, and so on, and even with financial aid and scholarships, the endeavor can cost a lot,” Muchnick said. “I wanted to offer my help in some way, so I created this award of two $1,000 scholarships to pay it forward.”

Moore was one of many students from across the world to submit an essay on why he wanted to attend boarding school and how the scholarship money would help in his educational experience.

In his essay on his decision to attend McCallie, Moore wrote “After my friends found out I was headed to Chattanooga to attend McCallie for high school, I was constantly ambushed with a single question: ‘Why?’ My first few replies were odd, mangled sequences of phrases and sentences compiled about roommates, athletics, and a new diverse class selection, but as time passed, I was able to think about that question a little more. I eventually formulated some answers: camaraderie, the various opportunities each school has to offer, and the discipline of living on my own.”

Moore plans to use some of his scholarship funds to complete a neighborhood beautification project at his home in Kentucky. It is a project he developed while attending McCallie’s Character Leadership Community Camp last summer.

Muchnick is from Newport Beach, Calif., and he wrote The Boarding School Survival Guide to help both prospective students and parents decide if boarding school is the right choice for them, and to assist current students in navigating the twists and turns of school away from home. He also is co-author of another book, Straight-A Study Skills, and writes for “The Bootleg”’s athletic website covering Stanford University sports.

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