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The Ed Johnson Project featured in latest Stories from the Ridge podcast

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Bart Wallin, '99, Eleanor McCallie Cooper, Donivan Brown, and Mel Cooper

Bart Wallin '99, Eleanor McCallie Cooper, Donivan Brown, and Mel Cooper


The story of Ed Johnson, who was lynched on Chattanooga’s Walnut Street Bridge more than a century ago, is the topic of a riveting new Stories from the Ridge podcast, released in time for the dedication on September 19, 2021, of a memorial to Mr. Johnson and the lawyers who defended him.

The podcast also discusses the role the Rev. T.H. McCallie, one of the founders of McCallie, played in trying to prevent the lynching and how he offered shelter on the school’s campus to one of the attorney’s families. And it discusses how McCallie history teachers use the Ed Johnson story to inspire McCallie students to be responsible citizens in their communities.

Donivan Brown, President of the Ed Johnson Project

The podcast can be found here or by searching for Stories from the Ridge on any major podcast platform. It features Donivan Brown, president of the Ed Johnson Project, Eleanor McCallie Cooper, great-granddaughter of the Rev. T.H. McCallie, and a member of the Ed Johnson Project, Mel Cooper, former McCallie Vice President of Development, and a member of the Ed Johnson Project, and McCallie teacher Bart Wallin ’99, who with David Levitt ’94, teaches the Ed Johnson story as part of their 8th-grade history classes.

In the podcast, participants reflect on the story of the lynching, the effort to bring the community together to construct the memorial, and the lessons that can be shared with students.