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McCallie Observes Juneteenth

  • Head of School

As our nation comes together in celebration of the first Juneteenth national holiday, McCallie sends a special thanks to all of our Black students, parents, alumni and friends who have helped make our school a better, stronger, more caring and supportive place. Today we especially extend our thanks to the Black Alumni Steering Committee which has helped over the past year as McCallie has addressed ways to make all aspects of the McCallie experience more welcoming for students of color. That initiative, which we call “Moving Forward Together as Brothers,” has resulted in a number of positive steps, and the momentum will continue.

Three members of the Black Alumni Steering Committee, Johnny Graham ’95, Keenan Hale ’11, and Charles Green ’06, participated in a podcast earlier this year discussing McCallie’s “Moving Forward Together as Brothers,” initiative. That podcast can be heard here. And we encourage you to read the upcoming McCallie Magazine which discusses the “Moving Forward Together as Brothers” initiative in detail. That magazine will be distributed later this summer.

Members of the Black Alumni Steering Committee, in addition to Mr. Graham, Mr. Hale, and Mr. Green, who we send a special Juneteenth thanks to, include:

David Chatman ’75, Eric Ayers ’81, Colin Provine ’88, Claude Hutto ’90, Jason Walker ’92, Martin Hummings ’94, Tawambi Settles ’94, Jonathan Westfield ’96, LaVar Smith ’97, Jason Hall ’02, Scott Woods ’02, Edwin Jones ’06, Jeremy Green ’07, Stanley Cochran ’08, Pierce DeRico ’10, Lue Hale ’10, Casey Cook ’13, Stanley (D.J.) Cochran '08, Julian Nunally ’13, Logan Russell ’18, and Zyan Wynn ’19.