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McCallie Motorsports: Building a Race Car, McCallie Style

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David Dalton '22, Skip Brock '68, Deanna Luna and Rowdy Stephens '22


In the latest episode of McCallie's podcast, Stories from the Ridge, recent graduates David Dalton '22 and Rowdy Stephens '22 talk with Skip Brock '68 about their shared passion for cars and racing. The discussion is hosted by the Director of Digital Communications Deanna Luna, of McCallie's Communications and Marketing Department.

In August 2021, David and Rowdy expressed an interest in re-restarting a car club at McCallie, and serendipitously, alumnus and Board of Trustees member Skip Brock had expressed an interest in working with students on building a race car. Thus began a year-long collaboration. 

Motorsports students with their race car

After Mr. Brock was able to procure two cars, one that would become a racing vehicle and the other a source for parts, David and Rowdy, along with a group of other interested students, launched an effort to build, test and race a Mazda Miata. In the episode, the students discuss their process for building the car, including meticulously documenting each step, as well as their first foray into taking the car for a spin on a track. You can see their process on their Instagram account here.

Listen to the episode below or search for Stories from the Ridge on your favorite podcast platform.