McCallie is an All-Boys Private Boarding School and Day School, a Christian-based College Prep School. 
McCallie seeks out and accepts boys from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and places a high value on a diverse student body.

Fourteen rising seniors inducted into Keo-Kio

  • Upper School


Fourteen seniors were tapped into Keo-Kio, McCallie’s senior leadership organization, in a Chapel service Friday, November 6. They will join a group of other seniors who were inducted last spring to make up the full Keo-Kio membership for 2020-21. Congratulations to the new inductees:

The seniors named to Keo-Kio are:

Sam Ellis, son of Edward and Gena Ellis, of Chattanooga;
Bill Gu, son of Xiaodong Gu and Jing Shang, of Beijing, China;
Jack Harris, son of Jim and Mary Ann Harris, of Nashville, Tennessee;
CJ Hunter, son of Charles and Tiana Hunter, of Spring Branch, Texas;
Niko Jackson, son of Gregory and Joanna Jackson, of Chattanooga;
Daniel Jeong, son of Seong-Joo Jeong and Eun Kyung Lee, of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee;
Jose Osa, son of Agustin Osa and Adriana Baeza, of 
Andrew Parker, son of Robert and Laura Parker, of Lookout Mountain, Georgia;
Pax Poggi, son of Peter and Alexandra Poggi, of Chattanooga;
Nic Robinson, son of Mike and Kelly Robinson, of Chattanooga;
Morgan Shaw, son of Scott and Alison Shaw, of Chattanooga;
Strib Stribling, son of Strib and Jen Stribling, of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee;
Grayson Trowbridge, son of Thompson and Leah Trowbridge, of Charlotte, North Carolina;
Chris Wiley, son of Ben and Marzi Wiley, of Chattanooga.

They will join 14 other seniors who were inducted last May.

Sammy Barr, son of Scott and Sherolene Barr of San Antonio, Texas;
Mason Calhoun, son of LaTonya Ephram-Calhoun of Atlanta;
Henry Dobson, son of William and Rachel Dobson of Lafayette, Georgia;
Vickers Driver, son Matthew and Kim Driver of Chattanooga, Tennessee;
William Hanley, son of Edward and Maclin Hanley of Cary, North Carolina;
Benjamin Niehaus, son of Matthew and Emily Neihaus of Chattanooga;
Jason Nuttle, son of Jason and Julie Nuttle of Rogers, Arkansas;
Caleb Olumofin, son of Colette Ficklin and Olabode Olumofin of Pine Bluff, Arkansas;
Adel Parambath, son of Riju and Sangetha Parambath of Chattanooga;
Elijah Senior, son of Thornell and Stacey Senior of Riverside, Georgia;
Daevyn Maurya Smith, son of Daisy Maurya and Matt Ballard of Chattanooga;
Jake Tremain, son of Michael and Kristin Tremain of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee;
Ethan Warrior, son of Dexter and Karen Warrior of Atlanta;
Alex Williams, son of Collus and Robin Williams of Ooltewah, Tennessee