Sixteen New Townhomes Honoring Faculty To Be Built
Deanna Luna

Breaking ground at the end of the summer, McCallie will construct 16 new townhomes for faculty. The individual townhome units will be named by individual donors and donor groups investing a minimum of $150,000 toward the project. This investment in faculty well-being is part of the strategic priorities set forth in the school’s strategic plan. Alumni and students revere and relish the stories of McCallie faculty who meet boys where they are in their development and accompany them on their sometimes wandering journeys forward. Relationships with teachers span generations. Many times a relationship with a great teacher is shared by father and son. These shared connections show a legacy of McCallie faculty investing in boys across the spectrum of interests and eras, shaping good men to live with purpose and meaning. The school is thrilled to be able to mark faculty impact and primacy in the McCallie experience with this new housing development. 

A rendering of the townhomes

McCallie’s dedicated faculty create an atmosphere of support and guidance, care and comfort, and high expectations with accountability. They surround boys and walk with them on their journey to manhood. Serving as teachers, dorm parents, coaches, advisors, role models, and mentors, they create the necessary boundaries and boundless opportunities for each boy at McCallie to thrive. Nothing compares to the disciplined and essential concern faculty deploy to champion each student, nurturing the seeds of his nature and worth that will grow over his lifetime. 

The demands placed upon faculty, especially in a residential boarding community, are greater than ever. It takes a special person to center their family and their lives on campus among nearly 300 boys who live in six dormitories. The routine, humble, and mundane nature of home-baked cookies, family dinners, family, pets, and younger children expanding their playscapes into all areas of the dorms give boys a sense of normalcy, family, and care. While often only one of a family’s adults is employed by McCallie, the entire family of that faculty member is central to a boy’s positive experience at school.


McCallie’s faculty – today and across past decades – includes countless men and women of perceptive, persistent, and selfless ilk who have invested in hundreds of boys’ education and life journeys. With humility and awareness of the benefits gained from faculty who have guided and mentored boys for decades, now is the time to invest in them as they have invested in generations of McCallie boys.


While McCallie has made significant improvements to faculty housing spaces in dormitories, the construction of 16 three- and four-bedroom townhomes on the upper parking lot at the top of the Ridge behind Burns Dormitory is a great next step in the improvement of its housing stock. Housing units will vary in size from approximately 1800 to 2400 square feet spread over two or three floors. Adding these new townhomes will allow the school to replace older and deteriorating housing units that are expensive to maintain. These new townhomes will also enable the school to provide faculty members living on campus with more suitable options for their family sizes and circumstances. Providing new living spaces that offer a sense of “faculty village” for residential faculty families greatly enhances the school’s ability to attend to faculty well-being in an extremely important basic need:  one’s home. The new, modern housing option greatly increases the school’s ability to attract and retain dynamic residential faculty to invest in and share their lives with boarding students which is a need that increases as the school fulfills the goals set forth in “The Road to 300” boarding initiative. 

The humble man knows that no matter what he has achieved, somebody helped him. At McCallie that help comes from faculty who mentor and guide, challenge and support. A community of great faculty can be truly transformative. This $6 million townhome project is an opportunity for McCallie alumni to honor the faculty who gave of themselves and invested mightily in the vitality and well-being of each of their students. Alumni, parents, and friends of the school have responded generously to make this housing project a go with construction beginning this summer. The townhomes are expected to be complete and ready for faculty inhabitants next summer. Investing in the well-being of McCallie faculty will ensure that future generations of boys will continue to benefit from foundational and essential relationships.


A Unique Opportunity

The per-unit cost of each townhome is $350,000; 16 townhomes will cost $5,500,000. A gift of $175,000 offers the opportunity to name a townhome to memorialize or honor a beloved teacher, mentor, or coach.

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