McCallie is an All-Boys Private Boarding School and Day School, a Christian-based College Prep School. 
McCallie seeks out and accepts boys from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and places a high value on a diverse student body.

Aaron Zhang, Class of 2018


“I have learned a lot at McCallie — not just knowledge, but also the brotherhood and spirit. I learned that a good score is not the most important thing for one to achieve in class, but instead the process of learning and the hard work one puts in... McCallie is a great place for all boys to become men.”

Aaron Zhang, Class of 2018

McCallie alumnus Aaron Zhang

Aaron Zhang's journey to the RIdge took him halfway around the world from his home in Beijing, China.

During his time at McCallie, Aaron threw himself into the McCallie experience, earning membership in honorary organizations from his freshman year onward, and building a love of learning that serves him today at New York University.