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Perry C. Maddox ’98

Day Graduate from Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Perry received a BA from the University of Richmond and a Master of International Development from the University of Pittsburgh. Over the following 20 years, he led various social impact organizations from the grassroots to the global, leading teams across 5 continents and residing in Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uganda, and the United Kingdom.

As CEO of Restless Development, he led a global agency for youth-led change that developed over 50,000 young African and Asian leaders. Powered by these young leaders, the organization delivered programs serving 3.5 million people annually, strengthened over 2500 local nonprofits in 70 countries, and mobilized 25,000 activists to influence national and global leaders and policies like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Throughout his journey of leading a grassroots nonprofit in Nicaragua, training Peace Corps Volunteers in Paraguay, serving as a global CEO in the International Development sector, and currently building strategic partnerships with the world’s largest philanthropic foundations, his passion lies in building excellent leaders, organizations, and collaboration for a better world.

Perry met his wife, Kate, a fellow change-making leader, in Paraguay. They recently celebrated 10 years of marriage and reside with their two young boys in her hometown of Madison, Connecticut. When not enjoying time with family, he shares his leadership journey in Just Open Leaders, a free resource to help other leaders on their journeys.

“McCallie provided me with a world-class education that made a significant difference at every stage of my life and career. More importantly, it nourished in me a passion to serve others with humility, to fight for what is right, and to lead change in our world.”

  • Alumni Achievement 2023