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E. Kent Young V ’73

Boarding Graduate from Little Rock, Arkansas

Kent received his BA from the Evergreen State College in Washington and his education degrees from the University of Washington. In 1986, he began his teaching career in public schools, but then shifted to ESL adult education working in a refugee run agency in Seattle.

Kent joined the faculty at Seattle Central College in 1993 and has worked with different populations over the last 30 years: adults returning to school, refugees and immigrants, students needing literacy and basic skills, and various community outreach classes. 

Until the COVID outbreak, he worked at a medium-security facility teaching incarcerated men ranging from literacy to GED preparation. Since then, he has moved back to campus but hopes to return to outreach work in the future.

He met his wife Cynthia while he was working for a small advertising agency after college. He tried to persuade her to buy advertising for her import business in the Seattle Pike Place Market. She passed on the sale, but agreed to go out for coffee. They have been married for 35 years and have two sons.

Cynthia enjoys gardening in her free time. Kent spends too much time on his computer. Together they have enjoyed traveling, hiking, and camping over the years as a family, and now, as a couple.

“Inside the classroom: At first, I was shocked to see students so serious about school.  Later on, I discovered that there can be different depths to understanding what you are studying. As one teacher put it after we read, discussed, wrote about the Adventures of Huck Finn, “If you still think this is a boy’s adventure story – the window is open, and you might as well jump out.”

“Outside of the classrooms: I learned a great deal about people and some about myself, especially in boarding life for four years. We spent many hours talking, debating, arguing, laughing, trading ideas and yarns late at night and on boring afternoons.  We had great adventures and miserable doldrums, strong bonds and festering grudges. We shared a lot and helped shape one another through our growing up at McCallie.”

  • Alumni Achievement 2023