McCallie is an All-Boys Private Boarding School and Day School, a Christian-based College Prep School. 
McCallie seeks out and accepts boys from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and places a high value on a diverse student body.

Brand Assets

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A front-and-back single page collection of guidelines regarding usage of McCallie's logos and imagery. Please review this information carefully before using McCallie's logo or name for any purposes. If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding proper and/or permitted usage, please contact


The wordmark has been designed to provide a bold, memorable mark to represent McCallie School in all forms of communication (e.g. publications, documents, clothing, etc.) 

The McCallie lettering, which has been specially designed and letterspaced, should always be used in full. Always use the original and approved art. NEVER alter any aspect of it. Do not attempt to draw or recreate the McCallie lettering using computer fonts. These guidelines indicate where it is appropriate to use this version. 

The tagline “Honor Truth Duty” should be used as often as possible. The tagline is set in Gotham Bold. 

DOWNLOAD WORDMARK (McCallie Honor Truth Duty)

Primary McCallie Logo/Wordmark


Continuing to build upon brand awareness, all secondary organizations should defer to the options outline. All requests should be made through the communication department. 

Secondary tagline options should be set in Gotham Bold as shown. 

REQUEST Secondary Wordmark to be created for your department.

Secondary McCallie Logo Samples


The McCallie School Seal is the formal identifier of McCallie School. Use of the seal should be restricted to official school documents, such as diplomas, high-level certificates, awards, and chairs. All other uses require approval of the Director of Communications and Marketing or the Headmaster. 

The McCallie seal is a unique and honored symbol of the institution’s identity. It is not intended for use as a graphic or a design element, and it should not be used in publications or materials in which use of the McCallie logo is appropriate as the school identifier. 

The McCallie seal is to be used only on official, institutional documents, such as transcripts and diplomas and on formal proclamations, certificates, invitations, etc., issued from the headmaster’s office. Any other use of the seal is limited and should always be referred to the office of Communications and Marketing before publication. 

The seal should NOT be used in combination with the McCallie logo. 


Primary Symbol 

The primary McCallie M logo is the official athletics logo and must be used whenever possible. The primary logo typically will appear on shirtfronts of uniforms and/or on the sides of helmets. 

Secondary Symbol 

The secondary Tornado symbol is mainly for use on T-shirts and polo shirts. Any coach wishing to use this version on a uniform must get consent from the Director of Communications and Marketing. All secondary symbols are subject to the same color reproduction and usage guidelines as the primary symbol and logo. 




McCallie Athletic Logos


Individual layouts for the uniforms are left to the discretion of the office of Communications and Marketing. Athletic regulations must be adhered to and supersede logo guidelines. 

Logos and word marks 

The primary McCallie M must appear on all athletic uniforms. For most sports it must appear on the chest. For sports where such a display is not feasible—such as baseball, basketball, or tennis—the logo may appear on the sleeve, shorts, left breast, hat, or helmet. 

The Tornado symbol may also appear on uniforms. The school marks may be used in combination with the Tornado symbol as either the primary or secondary logo. 


The office of Communications and Marketing must approve any item bearing the athletic logo before they are ordered. Prior to production, you must obtain a uniform proof and proposed fabric color swatch(es) from an approved vendor. 


A variety of McCallie approved PowerPoint templates are available for your use. Three approved PowerPoint presentations can be utilized by McCallie faculty and administrators when traveling and/or presenting to external audiences. The presentation is a template and can be customized as needed. To ensure McCallie's brand guidelines are followed correctly, once created, please send your final presentation to the Office of Communications and Marketing for brand review. 


McCallie Powerpoint Templates


For visibility, impact, and overall integrity, it is important to retain a consistent use of the logo. The logo is fundamental to communications and should not be compromised. Always reproduce the logo from original artwork. Protect the integrity of the McCallie School identity by being aware of the inappropriate logo usage illustrated here. 

Incorrect McCallie Logo Usage

Usage guidelines may vary depending upon specific applications defined by the Communications Department. Always defer questions to them and gain approval prior to use. The same principles apply to the seal.