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Middle School Art

Working with middle school boys is never dull. The students in middle school are enthusiastic and fun to be around. In middle school, the students are open to a lot more things. 

Boys learn by doing, creating, shaping. At McCallie, boys build pots, paint, draw, build sculpture, and make prints.  After exposing students to the basics in artistic techniques and mediums, McCallie boys have a wide variety of opportunities to follow their artistic passions.

The art department faculty works with boys from all ranges of ability, beginning at the most basic level and on the most basic artistic fundamentals, and growing with the boys at their pace, opening their eyes to new media and new means of creative expression.

The most important thing my students can take from art is creative thinking which is used everywhere – in problem-solving, science, math, in general life. We are confronted with situations and dilemmas where we have to come up with solutions. We can each think and solve the problem in a different way; we share and learn from each other’s approaches. I am not sure the middle school student sees this right away at his stage in life. But, by pushing himself to come up with creative solutions, if he can do it in art, he can do it anywhere.  – Teacher Suzanne Mortimer

middle school student rolling ink onto a stamp with art teacher Suzanne Mortimer

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Suzanne Mortimer

Suzanne Mortimer

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