Arts + Music

The arts -- music, art, theater, film -- comprise a critical element in the journey to becoming a McCallie Man. Academically, students are required to take five semesters' worth of fine arts classes and can choose from more than 20 classes and subjects. But the school's commitment to the arts hardly begins and ends in the classroom setting.

Interest in the arts can develop through involvement in choral or instrumental groups, a diverse offering of art classes from pottery and painting to sculpture, or through a comprehensive theater program.


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The number of instruments offered in private lessons. Private voice lessons are also offered. 


The number of art courses including everything from photography to 2-D art and sculpture


The number of upper school performance ensembles


The number of feet of brass tubing in the brass section of the band


The number of boys participating in music programs each year


3-D art class gives boys hands-on experience with anvils, forges, blow torches and saws

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