McCallie is an All-Boys Private Boarding School and Day School, a Christian-based College Prep School. 
McCallie seeks out and accepts boys from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and places a high value on a diverse student body.


Class of 2021 Legacy Graduates with the fathers and grandfathers

The Long Blue Line

The Long Blue Line celebrates the legacy of an alumnus with a current child or grandchild that recently graduated from McCallie. The photo above shows the men of the class of 2021 with their McCallie fathers and grandfathers.

Listed Alphabetically: Tom Adams '90, James Adams '21, Chip Arnold '90, Ethan Arnold '21, Drew Beam '21, Miles Beam '21, Robert Berman '89, Simon Berman '21, Wes Carroll '21, Cam Conklin '87, Jack Conklin '21, Scott Edens '84, Storm Edens '21, Wood Hamilton '21, Blake Haren '86, Henry Haren '21, Robert Haun '94, Andrew Haun '21, Greg Jackson '86, Niko Jackson '21, Seong-Joo Jeong '90, Daniel Jeong '21, Harry Jones '75, Sawyer Jones '21, Charlie Knox '83, James Knox '21, Lauren McDonald '87, Wylie McDonald '21, Don Moseley '60, Guyon Moseley '87, William Moseley '21, Richard Park '55, Ricky Park '83, Charlie Park '21, Mike Robinson '84, Nicolas Robinson '21, Patten Smith '78, Patten Smith '21, Walter Stamper '75, William Stamper '21, Strib Stribling '21, John Tessman '58, John David Tessman '21, Doug Warner '57, Justin Wilhoit '94, Holden Wilhoit '21, Jackson Wingfield '65, David Wood '66. (not pictured: Clarence Bauknight '49, Myers Fulk '21, Warren Fulk '21)

We want to hear about you and your family's experiences at McCallie. Email us here and tell us your story, and please include a current family photo. Scroll down for more legacy photos!

The greatest gift you could give to McCallie is entrusting us with the education of your son or grandson. Please click here for more information about Admission and furthering the Long Blue Line.

2020 Legacy Graduates

Frank Brock '60 with grandson Bennett Brock '20 and son Marshall Brock '90.

Peter Clark '20 with his father Jeff Clark '91.

Brad Cobb '86 biking with his son Andrew Cobb '20.

Ferrell Darby '88, Harrison Darby '20, and Harrison's uncle Joshua Harrison '91.

Eli Fullam '20 with his father Gary Fullam '80.

Steve Grant '88 and his son Cole '20.

Nicholas Hannah '20 with his father William Hannah '87 and brother Nathaniel Hannah '18.

Thomas Hayes '88 with his son Brown Hayes '20.

Alan Lebovitz '86 with his son Abe Lebovitz '20 and his father Charles Lebovitz '55.

Tucker Lyons '20 with his father Rob Lyons '88.

Charles Nicely '20 with his father Maury Nicely '89.

Duke Richey '86, Baker Chair of American History at McCallie School, and his son Duke Richey '20.

Cole Sawyer '77 and his son Sam Sawyer '20.

Michael Tigar '88 and his son Seth Tigar '20.

Prentis Tomlinson '61 with his son Peter Tomlinson '20.

Will Turner '20 with his father Jeff Turner '86.

Anderson White '20 and his father Troy White '90.


2019 Legacies

2019 Legacy Graduates and their fathers