McCallie is an All-Boys Private Boarding School and Day School, a Christian-based College Prep School. 
McCallie seeks out and accepts boys from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and places a high value on a diverse student body.

Golden M Weekend 2021

Golden M Weekend
October 21-23, 2021 

Classes:  1950, 1951, 1955, 1956, 1960, 1961, 1965, 1966, 1970, 1971
We can't wait to see you back on the Ridge!




COVID-19: We will not be asking for or identifying people based on personal health information. Our Covid team will continue to monitor things throughout the fall. If any protocols become necessary for our reunion gatherings, we will make those decisions and communicate about them closer to the date of reunion weekend.



The Read House: Our block rates are from $165-$185 per night.  Then, use this link, or call hotel at 423-266-4121 to make reservations for the October 2021 weekend. 


Golden M Weekend Schedule

Past Alumni Achievement Award Winners (Deceased alumni are in italics)

If you would like to nominate a classmate for this honor, please email

Class of 1950
Paul Kruesi 'Pat' Brock (1985)
Henry Louis Diamond, Jr. (1995)
William Buchanan 'Billy' Dunavant, Jr. (1985)
Fred Wiehl 'Ted' Lazenby (1985)
Dr. John Nevius Lukens, Jr. (1995)
John Lutz III (1990)
Dr. William Murphy 'Bill' Marine (2000)
John Hutcheson McDonald (2010)
Rev. Fred Taylor II (1985)
Class of 1951
Dr. Charles Blanton Cousar (1996)
Edward McMurray Fisher (2001)
Rodney L. Kincaid (2011)
George F. McCanless Jr. (2006)
Frank McClelland Mitchener Jr. (1991)
Dr. Robin Martin Rudoff (1986)
James Bryan Williams (1986)
Class of 1955
Dr. Franklin Hershel Barnwell (2005)
Dr. Winston Paulding Caine Jr. (2005)
Dr. Dave McAlister Davis (2000)
Charles Baras Lebovitz (1985)
Spencer Jarnagin McCallie III (1990)
Dr. Alberto James McGregor (2010)
Dr. John Daniel Gray Rather V (1990)
William Frederick 'Bill' Robertson III (2005)
Dr. Ned Carroll Watts, Jr. (1995)
Class of 1956
Robert G. Blalock (2016)
Hon. Lewis Homer Conner Jr. (1986)
Dr. K. Lance Gould (2006)
Joseph L. Jennings Jr. (2006)
 Britt Leach (2011)
Howard Ivan Levine (2001)
James Park McCallie II (1996)
Charles George Mills (1986)
James Lloyd Rogers III (1996)
Rodolph Gordon Sherrill (1986)
William B. Weigel (2006)
Class of 1960
William Proncy 'Bill' Acker III (2005)
Charles Henry 'Charlie' Battle, Jr. (1990)
Dr. Frank Acree Brock (1995)
Harry 'Whitney' Durand III (2000)
Dr. John Roy Hill (2010)
Edward Griffin 'Ed' Michaels III (1990)
Donald Lee 'Don' Moseley (2010)
Col. Robert Stacy 'Bob' Pahl (2010)
Class of 1961
Dr. Henry Belden Aldridge (1986)
Dr. Archer Wortman Biship Jr. (1986)
Dr. John Lanier Burns (2011)
Hon. William Bilbo Mitchell Carter (2001)
Dr. Sun-Hwan Chu (2016)
Dr. Ronald Baker Cox (1991)
Edgar M. Faust (2006)
Edward Jackson Hardin (1991)
Alex G. Little III (2011)
James Robert Martin (1986)
John Leachman Oliver Jr. (1986)
Dr. Prentis B. Tomlinson Jr. (2011)
CDR Charles M. Wood III (1996)
Class of 1965
Curtis Franklin Baggett (2000)
Dr. Ronald Lauchlin 'Ronny' Brown (2010)
Joseph Patrick Congleton (1990)
Dr. Hugh Agnew Gamble II (1995)
William 'Scott' McGinness, Jr. (2005)
Class of 1966
F. Dixon Brooke Jr. (2011)
Robert G. Card Jr. (2006)
Dr. James W. Hoback (2016)
R. Scott Matthews Jr. (2011)
Dr. John Wells McCravey (2001)
Sergio Paiz (1996)
Sanford Brooks Prater (1991)
Park Gibbs Vestal Jr. (2016)
James Creekmore Wann Jr. (1986)
David W. Wood II (2016)
Class of 1970
Meredith Baird Allen (1995)
Dr. Robert Bruce Betz (2000)
Dr. Daniel Frederick 'Dan' Chambliss (1990)
Dr. Stephen Douglas 'Steve' Clift (2005)
Mr. William 'Allen' Morris (2010)
William 'Sledge' Taylor III (2015)
Class of 1971
Robert R. Aylward (2016)
Dr. Arthur Palfrey Bode (1991)
Frank Brenner (2006)
Dr. Charles Baker Felts III (2001)
Dr. David P. McCallie Jr. (2011)
Dr. Edward Norwood Robinson Jr. (1996)

ONLINE REGISTRATION will open late summer! Feel free to call the Alumni Office at 423-493-5722 for more details.

The McCallie Bookstore, in its location on the first floor of Maclellan Hall, will be open on Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Here you can purchase gifts, clothing and other McCallie memorabilia.

Please remember we are a community built on honor. If you plan to participate in any Reunion Weekend activities, registration and payment are required.

Cancellations: We understand that circumstances change and it may be necessary to cancel your Reunion registration. If you cancel by September 26, your registration fee will be fully refunded. After that date, we cannot issue a refund.

Enjoy everything Chattanooga has to offer! From the North Shore’s Coolidge and Renaissance Parks to the downtown Riverfront to the bohemian Southside, Chattanooga provides many venues for family fun or reconnecting with friends. For more information on local attractions and dining, you can call the Chattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau at 1-800-322-3344 or visit

10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.
MEMORIAL SERVICE  in McCallie Chapel
11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
ALUMNI AWARDS LUNCHEON Head of School Lee Burns '87 will give a state of the school and present  Alumni Achievement Awards and True Blue Awards to Golden M alumni. Alumni Hall, McCallie campus
12:45 pm.
FACULTY PRESENTATION in Brock Lazenby room of Alumni Hall Duke Richey '86, Baker Chair of American History. "An American Hero at Normandy: The Life of 2nd Lt. Fred C. Wallace, Jr. '40"
FOUNDERS CLUB ROUNDTABLE in Brock Lazenby room of Alumni Hall
CAMPUS TOURS start at the steps of Alumni Hall. See where you walked as a student, and what's changed on McCallie's campus. Current students will take you on a 45 min tour. Be sure to see our new Founders Club Wall and the Memorial Garden at the Chapel.
Class of 1950 -- St. John's Restaurant, private room
Class of 1951 -- St. John's Restaurant, private room
Class of 1955 -- St. John's Restaurant, private room
Class of 1956 -- Bridgeman's Chophouse, The Read House Hotel
Class of 1960 -- Walden Club
Class of 1961 -- Lookout Mountain Club (Fairyland)
Class of 1965 -- Home of Scott McGinness
Class of 1966 -- Home of Jim Hoback
Class of 1970 -- Chattanooga Golf and CC
Class of 1971 -- Mountain City Club