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At McCallie, we educate boys to be men of high moral character, intellectual curiosity, and personal excellence. We prepare them to become courageous leaders in their communities. We challenge them to embody the ideals of honor, truth and duty, and to lean into the school motto of “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.” As boys live through their adolescent years with us, learning who they are and what they value, we provide unparalleled guidance, mentorship, and partnership for their journey. We prepare them not simply to thrive at outstanding colleges and universities around the country, but we equip them to lead in a diverse and dynamic world.

Everything that we do is designed for boys as we tap into and leverage their energy, adventurous spirit, and styles of learning that especially excite and resonate with them.

Admission Process


The Admission Team

Andy Hirt

Andy Hirt

Dean of Enrollment Management
Mercy Kealey

Mercy Kealey

Director of Financial Aid
Hank Bramblet

Hank Bramblet

Director of Admission
Adam Webb

Adam Webb

Director of Day Admission

Meet Our Students

John Kohl McAdams '22


John Kohl McAdams Class of 2022 poses on the football field in his football uniform
John Kohl McAdams | Class of 2022
  • Boarding Student from Texas
  • Attending and playing football at Trinity College

What is your favorite McCallie memory?

My favorite McCallie memory is kinda weird. In my junior year, I was a backup on the football team to Nic Robinson '21. During the state championship, we were winning by so many points that Coach Potter subbed out many of the seniors. When I went in the game for Nic, he and I hugged on the field with tears in our eyes. That was his moment, and I was a small part of it. That memory paired with winning state probably takes #1 for me. 

What was your favorite thing about being a boarding student?

My favorite thing about being a boarder is forming relationships with friends that are more of a family bond than a friendship bond. The night before graduation, my friends and I stayed up all night in the dorm talking about how much we loved each other and how much we were going to miss our time together. We looked back on our McCallie experience and just appreciated it. McCallie's role in helping us form a lifelong brotherhood. 

Favorite meal in the dining hall?

My favorite dining hall meal is definitely orange chicken or chicken fried steak but my favorite item is definitely sweet potato pie!

Jack Niehaus '25

Chattanooga, TN

day student Jack Neihouse walks down the corridor of the academic building with teacher Nelson Eislestein
Jack Niehaus | Class of 2025

Day Student from Chattanooga, TN

What is your favorite subject?

I would have to say math.

What is your favorite McCallie tradition?

I would have to say duck day. It is awesome because it is a day where I get to relax and hang out with friends. Literally a free day of FUN!

Favorite food in the dining hall?

Mac and Cheese for sure!