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Why do I care if a function can rotate around the x axis to find the enclosed volume?

Why do I need to memorize  the formula of a hyperbola?

Math instruction at McCallie begins with real-life questions that are relevant to boys. Teachers use these as the starting point to abstraction, turning verbal problems into mathematical symbols, structures of numbers, and functions to reach useful solutions.

From the beginning algebra class to the most advanced course which is three semesters above AP Calculus, the main goal is to reveal the usefulness of mathematical thought and the power of being able to manipulate numbers, variables, and functions. Often boys who initially believed they were bad at math find they are quite good at math once the rote memorization style of problem-solving is replaced with explanations that uncover the beauty and usefulness of math. 

Math is a tool, not just an end in itself, so McCallie teachers strive to spark a pure joy of numbers and their interactions in the process.

two male high school students working out a math equation at the white board

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