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How does a boy build an ethical framework from which to make decisions in everyday life?

What does the archaeological dig at Ephesus or a tomb artifact from Giza reveal about the culture and values of early civilizations?

The essential questions which all religions seek to address are the basis of the study of World Religions. Boys discuss the scriptures, traditions and backgrounds of the major monotheistic religions and the major eastern religion in order to understand both their own faith traditions and the faith traditions of others.

As students examine theological, ethical, and historical questions, they also learn to think analytically, listen, and respond respectfully to a variety of perspectives and opinions. They share their responses creatively through projects, presentations, and debates.

Biblical Archaeology students discover the relationship between history and the Bible, as they practice the methodology of archaeology or try their hand at creating a modern day artifact, connecting it to the art, architecture, culture, and history of Middle Eastern civilizations.

Boys learn how to make decisions in the context of faith when faced with the complexity and ambiguity of daily life.

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