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Learning Centers

We've Got Your Back.

The McCallie Learning Centers are places where students can come to get assistance with any curricular matter within the whole range of courses offered at McCallie, in both middle and upper school.

There is no stigma in asking for help at McCallie.We have students using the resources in the Learning Center to support them in courses from beginning Math 1 and Ancient History to AP Physics and AP Calculus. We meet each student where he is and help him move to the next learning level. We stay in close contact with teachers, working as a team for student success.

We recognize there are times when a student may need more help than just an intermittent drop-in will allow. To that end, we have a terrific network of tutors in all subjects and can make arrangements for students to hire an appropriate tutor on a regular basis. These sessions occur in the Learning Center, typically during a free period or in the early evening.

We know many students want to spend extra time preparing for some of the national standardized tests. In addition to coordinating PSAT prep sessions for interested juniors, we also maintain a subscription to an SAT test prep program that has been very useful to past students. We can arrange tutors specific to test prep as desired.

female teacher Callie Burns helping a student with homework in the learning center

We are at our best when a student walks in with a question, and leaves with an understanding of what he was doing, how he was doing it, and what he might do the next time he encounters a similar challenge.