McCallie is an All-Boys Private Boarding School and Day School, a Christian-based College Prep School. 
McCallie seeks out and accepts boys from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and places a high value on a diverse student body.


Lifelong learners are built.

McCallie boys boarding school students study in the Learning Center

McCallie faculty do more than just deliver lectures—they engage students in discussions that are active and interactive. They also build relationships with students that last beyond the end of the semester— McCallie alumni regularly point to the mentoring and friendships of faculty as the most important part of their McCallie experience. 

Dr. Duke Richey

Learning is guided by teachers and advisors who see their work as a calling and who care first and foremost about their boys. Boys are inspired to give their best effort because they know and feel that passion. The comprehensive and challenging curriculum is carefully designed to develop the skills, knowledge, habits and mindsets needed to thrive and lead in today’s dynamic world. 

Boys have unique ways of learning and developing. Everything we do at McCallie is customized to make boys’ learning exciting, engaging and efficient. We carefully study research about how boys’ brains are wired and how they learn. Classrooms are active, hands-on and often messy, with opportunities for movement, collaboration, and crashing into ideas—and sometimes even each other. 

Explore our middle school curriculum and upper school curriculum for insight into the academic goals and philosophies of each department and detailed information about each class offered. The Upper and Middle School Blue Books offer comprehensive overviews of diploma requirements, school policies, extracurricular offerings, and other key information for your McCallie experience.