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Board of Trustees

McCallie, like most independent schools, is governed by a board of trustees. This group of 22 alumni is charged with ensuring that the school’s mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves, securing resources for the school to implement its mission, and monitoring the school’s overall success in fulfilling its mission. The board’s core activity is long-term planning so, in effect, their primary constituency is not today’s students but future students of the school. The board employs the head of school, approves the school’s annual budget, sets tuition, formulates policy, and routinely establishes and monitors the long-term strategic direction of the school. The board does not involve itself in the day-to-day operations or management of the school.
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2023-2024 McCallie Board of Trustees 


Mr. W. Gary Welch '87
Duluth, Georgia

Mr. Benjamin G. Brock '89
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Mr. Stanley M. Brock '68
Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. A. Lee Burns III '87 (ex-officio)
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Mr. James W. Burns '89
London, England

Mr. Samuel H. Campbell IV '77
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Mr. Bradley B. Cobb '86
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Mr. Kyle W. Eiselstein '90
Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Mr. Johnny O. Graham '95
Williamsburg, Virginia

Mr. E. Andrews Grinstead '93
Mobile, Alabama

Mr. Robert Faucette Huffaker Jr. '78
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Dr. Seong-Joo Jeong '90
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Mr. Graeme M. Keith III '04
Charlotte, North Carolina

Mr. James J. Keras III '97
Memphis, Tennessee

Mr. Haddon C. Kirk '02
Stamford, Connecticut

Mr. Michael G. Mathis '87
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Mr. Parke S. Morris '88
Raleigh, North Carolina

Mr. W. Allen Morris '70
Coral Gables, Florida

Mr. Colin M. Provine '88
Tampa, Florida

Mr. Joseph A. Schmissrauter III '75
Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Mr. W. Brent Turner '84
Franklin, Tennessee

Mr. Jason W. Walker '92
Canton, Michigan

Mr. Jack L. Webb Jr. '75
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Strategic Planning

Developed over 18 months involving hundreds of McCallie faculty and staff, alumni, parents, and friends, the vision and strategic plan have six pillars, each with 2-4 strategic objectives. Several anticipated action steps accompany each strategic objective. The plan also incorporates a campus development plan with a longer time horizon.

Click Here to Read the 2024 Strategic Plan