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Mission and Values

McCallie School, grounded in Christian principles, shapes and transforms boys— heart, soul, mind and body—and prepares them for life. Through academic excellence, intentional development of faith, character, and leadership, and a school community distinguished by deep relationships and enduring brotherhood, McCallie is unparalleled and life-changing.
Remaining true to its foundational commitments to:
  • all-boys education
  • comprehensive boarding and day programs
  • Christianity and Judeo-Christian heritage while welcoming and respecting boys of different faith traditions 
  • the ideals of Honor, Truth, and Duty,
McCallie is a companion and resource to boys in their journey to manhood and throughout their lives.
Young men graduate from McCallie equipped and inspired to:
  • understand themselves, the world, and their duties to others 
  • pursue meaningful relationships with a spirit of curiosity, respect, and empathy
  • build lives of purpose, impact, and service
  • flourish in school, work, and life
  • glorify and enjoy God forever 

McCallie is for boys, for men—for life.


Today it is common to think honor is outdated, a quaint notion. With a glut of information it can be difficult to discover the truth. To many people, the only duty we have is to our own happiness and success. At McCallie, honor, truth, and duty are the bedrock of our culture. We unapologetically have the expectation that every member of our school community embody honor, truth, and duty throughout his or her personal integrity.Head of School Lee Burns '87

A McCallie senior standing at the podium giving his senior chapel talk



comes from an awareness that every person has dignity and worth because he is an image bearer of God and causes us to value and respect ourselves and others. Honor is central to life within our school community.

two McCallie students sitting in the chapel having an in depth conversation



relates to what we know and how we know it. As a community of learning, we aim to understand and pursue intellectual truth. As a community of faith, we seek to understand God's truth. We allow truth to shape, correct, and change us.

Male English teacher gesturing during a discussion with his class of male students.



calls us to put knowledge and compassion into action. When we live with a sense of duty, we sincerely consider others' perspectives and needs. Duty creates respect, unity, and deep bonds within our community.

boy looking at a McCallie mural