McCallie is an All-Boys Private Boarding School and Day School, a Christian-based College Prep School. 
McCallie seeks out and accepts boys from all ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and places a high value on a diverse student body.

McCallie Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the average McCallie video is worth 3.6 million words. (We're also pretty good with math.)

Below you'll find a sample of the latest videos we've produced about our school. Some are silly, and some are serious - quite a few are both. Each of them will help you gain a deeper insight into our people and our campus. 

If you'd like to see all of our videos, visit our YouTube channel!

We made it, boys!

The class of 2021 knows firsthand just how quickly things can change. They spent the latter part of their junior year learning at home and so when they arrived back on campus in August of 2020, they were determined to make the most of their senior year. They rose to meet the challenges of the year and now they celebrate joining the long blue line of McCallie alumni.

Inspiring Innovation - Caleb Bagby and Wayne Fullam

Caleb Bagby and Wayne Fullam '03 are taking innovation to a new level at McCallie. In the Turner Engineering and Design Center - aka the TED - Caleb and Wayne help students learn more than just computer science and engineering. They help boys think creatively, integrate information across multiple disciplines and learn skills that will help them in college and in life.

Blue Tornado Sports

How many ways can you watch a Blue Tornado in action? McCallie offers a full range of varsity, junior varsity and middle school interscholastic teams in 15 sports, as well as comprehensive fitness, weights and conditioning, and intramural programs. McCallie athletic teams have won nearly 100 State Championships. Want to see more videos about our teams? Visit the McCallie Athletics pages for more!

Blue Perfect

McCallie trick shots, inspired by Dude Perfect. Watch as our students attempt – and make – over 15 different trick shots. 

Dr Pepper Dunk Content 2021

The highlights from the dunk contest at this year's Dr Pepper Classic!

McCallie Wars

On a ridge far, far away, the McCallie men embark on their journey to manhood guided by a cast of fun-loving mentors. See these mentors in action in McCallie Wars.

Will Hunt - One Heart's Journey

McCallie senior Will Hunt’s journey took him through fear, pain and struggle. Through it all, his friends, family and classmates stood by him and the world watched as he found the heart he needed and learned that the power of love was more compelling than he knew - for him and for all of us.

Heart of the City

Heart and Hype. McCallie spirit and passion are running high during this Spirit Week throughout the campus and city. This year’s hype video, “Heart of the City,” showcases the energy, talents and pride of our students and community as we unite and celebrate…and, of course, as we declare about Friday night’s football game: “We are ready, and We are McCallie.”

One Common Bond

The boarding experience at McCallie brings together boys from around the country and the world who have different hopes and aspirations, but it unites them in one common bond: brotherhood. Learn more about the McCallie boarding experience today.

Attack the Day! RISE at McCallie!

The way you start your day influences everything that happens. That's why McCallie students start their day with RISE, a program led by Dean of Community and Brotherhood Ricky Thomas. It combines breakfast, a word of encouragement and a ton of energy in ten powerful minutes.

His Point of View

Boys look at life with a different point of view. So does McCallie. Everything we do is focused on how boys interact with the world around them, all designed to create environment where boys thrive and grow.

McCallie From the Sky

A Civil War battlefield. A farm. A home. A school campus. A Ridge steeped in history. Take an aerial tour of our beautiful campus on historic Missionary Ridge. Here's a look at McCallie from the sky.