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Six Named as Trustees Emeritus

The McCallie Board of Trustees recently established a Trustee Emeritus position to recognize a select group of men for their remarkable service to the school. Members of the inaugural Emeritus class include L. Hardwick Caldwell, Jr. '40, Rodolph B. "Rody" Davenport III '46, Alan T. Dickson '49, David P. McCallie '40, Olan Mills '48 and Gordon L. Smith, Jr. '43.

"Collectively, the six honored have given hundreds of hours in board service and in other volunteer activities on behalf of the school," Headmaster Kirk Walker ’69 said. "They have served a combined 159 years on the McCallie Board. In addition, they have been extremely generous with their resources. Most importantly, their lives define for all of us the essence of a McCallie Man."
L. Hardwick Caldwell Jr. ’40
1st Lt. Company C; Missionary Committee; Tornado, Reporter; Pennant, Athletic Editor; Varsity Tennis; Basketball; McCallie Board of Trustees 1955-56, 1961-85, 1986-93 and 1994-2000; Chairman, Board of Trustees 1990-92; 1954-55 McCallie Alumni Council President; 1979 McCallie Distinguished Alumnus
Rodolph B. “Rody” Davenport III ’46 (1928-2011)
Senior Class Secretary and Treasurer; Captain Company A; Varsity Boxing, Co-Captain; Varsity Swimming; Varsity Football; Monogram Club; Senior Senator; Keo-Kio, President; Tornado, Business Manager; Student Council, Secretary; YMCA Council; Hop Committee; Lookout Mountain Club; McCallie Board of Trustees 1956-62 and 1989-1996; 1957-58 McCallie Alumni Council President; 1986 McCallie Alumni Achievement Award; 1991 McCallie Distinguished Alumnus
Alan T. Dickson ’49
Football; Private Company B; Volleyball, Co-captain State Championship Team (Medal ’48); Smoking Club, President; McCallie Board of Trustees 1972-78, 1988-94, and 2000-2006; 1997 McCallie Distinguished Alumnus
David P. McCallie ’40
Senior Class President; Salutatorian; Honor Captain and Adjutant; Varsity Football; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Track; Minstrel; Dramatics; Keo-Kio, President; Missionary Committee, Chairman; Pennant, Military Editor; Monogram Club, Vice President; McCallie Board of Trustees 1971-83, 1985-97, and 1998-2005; Chairman, Board of Trustees 1992-1995; 1985 McCallie Distinguished Alumnus
Olan Mills II ’48
1st Lt. Company F; Fourth-Team Football; Monogram Club; Fourth-Team Soccer; Varsity Track; Winner of the “Cake Race”; McCallie Board of Trustees 1972-1990, 1991-1997, and 1998-2005; Chairman, Board of Trustees 1985-90; 1982 McCallie Distinguished Alumnus
Gordon L. Smith Jr. ’43
Captain and Adjutant; Varsity Football, Alternate Captain, All-City and All-Mid-South Teams, Most-Improved Lineman; Varsity Baseball (Mid-South Champion Team); Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track (Mid-South Champion Team); Carter Trophy for Best Officer in Battalion; Boxing; Keo-Kio; Senior Senator; Hop Committee; Monogram Club; Fort Wood Club; North Chattanooga Club; McCallie Board of Trustees 1968-70, 1974-88, 1989-95, and 1996-2002; Chairman, Board of Trustees 1998-2000; 1968-69 McCallie Alumni Council President; 1989 McCallie Distinguished Alumnus