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McCallie Reacts to "Tebowmania"

On Monday, January 9, "John 3 16" and "Tim Tebow" were two of the 12 most-popular searches on Google...

When math teacher Richard Campbell read the Time magazine article on Tim Tebow (subscription required), he knew it would serve as the starting point for a great classroom discussion. The article was written by McCallie alumnus and current trustee Jon Meacham '87, and it combined a number of topics guaranteed to generate conversation amongst teenage boys, most especially athletics and spirituality.

"Once a week, we find some topic to discuss that isn't necessarily related to math, and we spend a little time in class talking," Mr. Campbell explained. "Most of the time I let the boys decide the topic, but this time I picked Tebow, and it was perfect."

It's almost impossible to say the word "Tebow" without eliciting some kind of reaction, and almost everyone seems willing to offer an opinion on either his quarterbacking skills, his character, or his faith, sometimes all three.

What better place to gauge the reaction to Tim Tebow than at an all-boys school with a strong Christian background and emphasis on personal integrity? Below are a sampling of reactions from Upper School faculty and students on "Tebowmania."

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