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The Caldwell Writing Center is open during the academic year each school day from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and other times by appointment.

For information or to set up a conference, please call us at (423) 493-5849. You can also email Mr. LeSourd.
The Caldwell Writing Center staff have many years of secondary level and university experience, including the publication of numerous articles, poetry and professional books. Student assistants undergo extensive training as well.

We are here to serve the entire McCallie community. We invite students, faculty, parents, and alumni to become part of the commitment to writing and learning across the curriculum at McCallie.

Student Services
  • Individual conferences
  • Writing workshops
  • Personalized feedback on college application and scholarship essays
  • Personalized feedback on class essay assignments
  • Assistance on research papers
  • Peer reader/listeners
  • Publishing and writing contest information
  • Computers as tools for writing
Faculty Services
  • Individual conferences and collaboration
  • Sources and guidance for publishing professional articles
  • Proposal and grant writing assistance
  • Teacher inservice workshops
  • Team teaching
  • Model writing exercises
  • Writing Across the Curriculum resources
Writing Center Staff
Mr. Chester LeSourd
Chairholder, Caldwell Chair of English Composition

Ms. Erin Tocknell
English Teacher/Writing Center Assistant
Writing Fellows' National Presentation
This PowerPoint was presented by the Writing Fellows at the 2010 Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, March 20, 2010.

Reflections on September 11, 2001 (published 2002)
This anthology presents pieces written by students, faculty and parents who are reflecting on 9-11-2001 one year later.

Impact of September 11, 2001
Students, faculty, parents, and alumni have written pieces about the impact of 9-11-2001 two years later.

Writing Fellows Program
This link will take you to the course description, application and letter to faculty.