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McCallie at a Glance


McCallie School is dedicated to preparing young men to make a positive difference in their world.

By fostering their intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional development, the school seeks to inspire and motivate them to:
  • strive for excellence;
  • seek truth;
  • live honorably;
  • act responsibly; and
  • help others.

McCallie believes...
  1. Our Christian tradition builds a strong moral foundation and a sense of civic and social duty.
  2. Personal integrity, as expressed in the Honor Code, is central to our life as a community.
  3. Our teachers should model a lifelong love of learning and intellectual growth and should inspire students to develop the same.
  4. The spiritual growth of all students is enhanced by instilling a respect for and an understanding of other religions and faiths.
  5. The development and practice of leadership and citizenship skills are critically important.
  6. Every individual should be treated with dignity.
  7. Racial, ethnic, religious, and economic diversity enhances our school community.
  8. Graduates should be skillful, as individuals and in groups, at setting and achieving clear goals and at developing strategies to solve problems.
  9. Boys learn in different ways, have different ways of demonstrating abilities, and require a variety of instructional approaches and assessment strategies in order to thrive.
  10. Graduates should be men of compassion and moral courage.
  11. Everyone has a responsibility to be a positive role model.
  12. An all boys environment enhances a boy’s comfort and confidence in exploring a range of interests and in developing competencies.
  13. Boys are active and need opportunities to channel their energies in constructive ways.
  14. Boys should be challenged and encouraged to be skilled readers, writers, speakers, and listeners.
  15. Higher order thinking skills are enhanced by a program which emphasizes discovery and experiential learning.
School Profile
A 4-page general description of McCallie School, including a basic academic profile and a list of college admits and acceptances over the past five years.

Mr. S. Elliott Davenport '78, Chairman
Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Mr. Stanley M. Brock '68
Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. Robert G. Card, Jr. '66
Cleveland, Tennessee

Mr. J. Hal Daughdrill, III '73
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. John Fogarty '73
Williamsburg, Virginia

Dr. G. Turner Howard, III '65
Knoxville, Tennessee

Mr. Houston B. Hunt '76
Dallas, Texas

Mr. Barry P. Large '96
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Mr. Michael I. Lebovitz '82
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Mr. Alberto J. McGregor '82
Leesburg, Virginia

Mr. Richard D. McRae, Jr. '66
Jackson, Mississippi

Mr. Jon Meacham '87
Nashville, Tennessee

Mr. Edward G. Michaels III '60
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. R. Kincaid Mills '88
Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Mr. Glenn H. Morris, Jr. '82
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Mr. N. Carter Newbold, IV '84
Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Mr. Dennis Oakley '72
Waynesville, North Carolina

Mr. James M. Ruffin '80
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Mr. Joseph A. Schmissrauter, III '75
Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Mr. David A. Stonecipher '59
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Timothy A. Stump '75
Charlotte, North Carolina

Mr. William F. Womble, Jr. '60
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. A. Lee Burns III '87
Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Founded: 1905
Headmaster: A. Lee Burns III '87

Average Class Size: 14
Faculty: 125 full and part-time teachers
Student/Faculty ratio: 6.5:1
Advanced Placement Subjects: 18
Class of 2012 SAT Middle 50%: 1600-1950
2014-2015 TUITION
Day: $22,960
Domestic Boarding: $44,195
International Boarding: $46,195

The tuition includes noon meals as well as fees for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, Art, Pottery, and Photography.
Books: $300-$800

(per year, depending on grade level requirements)
Enrollment (2012-13)

All Boys: 914
Upper School Boarding (9-12): 247
Upper School Day: 403
Upper School TOTAL: 650
Middle School (6-8): 264
Financial Aid
Total Financial Aid:
$5.0 Million
Students receiving Financial Aid: 3

Merit Scholarships
Full and partial Merit Scholarships
are available for boarding students
Number of Students Receiving Merit Scholarships: 55
Middle 50% Range (Class of 2012)
     Critical Reading: 530-670 
     Math: 560-700
     Writing: 520-650
Middle 50% Range (Class of 2012)
     Composite 24-31
From 2007-2012, an average of 24 students have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as Semi-Finalists, Commended or Achievement scholars.

Number of AP courses offered at McCallie: 18

Each year, over half of the graduating class earns a passing score on at least one AP course. As of the start of the 2011-2012 school year, approximately forty-five percent of the Class of 2009 had already passed at least one AP course.

In May of 2011, 234 students in grades 10-12 sat for 512 AP exams. The pass rate for the exams was 89.7%. The distribution of passing scores was: 154 - 5, 169 - 4, 126 - 3, 44 - 2, 19 - 1.
Students took AP exams in 22 different subject areas.

AP Scholars 2012 - TOTAL: 104
National Scholars (Score of 4 or higher on 8 or more AP exams): 8
Scholars with Distinction (Score of 3 or higher on 5 or more AP exams): 63
Scholars with Honor (Score of 3 or higher on 4 exams AP exams): 22

Scholars (Score of 3 or higher on 3 exams): 19